- Salbutamol Sulfate Inhalation Solution

Salbutamol Sulfate Inhalation Solution has been used in clinical practices widely due to its remarkable clinical effect and good safety and tolerance, and presently it has become a routine medication for the chronic airway disease and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Numerous clinical studies have demonstrated that salbutamol has in vivo pharmacological activity, and can act on β2 adrenergic receptors of bronchial smooth muscles at a therapeutic dose, but has little or no effect on β1 adrenergic receptors of myocardium.


Salbutamol Sulfate Inhalation Solution is a Class A drug under the national medical insurance. It is listed in the national basic drug list and recommended in many guidelines, and has a wide range of applications.

Product introduction

Generic name: Salbutamol Sulfate Inhalation Solution


Strength: (1) 2.5 mL: 2.5 mg (by salbutamol); (2) 2.5 mL: 5 mg (by salbutamol)


Indications: This product is indicated for the treatment of chronic bronchospasm refractory to traditional treatment and the treatment of severe acute asthma attack.


Package: 5 pcs/bag, 2 bags/packet.


Approval No.: Guo. Yao. Zhun. Zi. No. H20233356, Guo. Yao. Zhun. Zi. No. H20233355

Product advantages

Convenient and easy to use: It can be inhaled by nebulizer, which is very convenient and easy to use. It can be used for the elderly and children, requiring no special skills.


High safety: Inhalation using nebulizers can reduce the absorption of drugs in the blood, thus reducing the impact of drugs on other organs of the body and lowering toxic and side effects.


Wide range of application: It can be used to treat a variety of diseases that cause airway narrowing and breathing difficulties, such as asthma, COPD, emphysema, bronchitis.

Product parameters

Generic name:Salbutamol Sulfate Inhalation Solution

Strength:(1) 2.5 mL: 2.5 mg (by salbutamol); (2) 2.5 mL: 5 mg (by salbutamol)

Dosage form: Solution for inhalation

Unit:10 pcs/packet

Approval No.Guo. Yao. Zhun. Zi. No. H20233355, Guo. Yao. Zhun. Zi. No. H20233356

Marketing authorization holder:Nanjing Aureole Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.